From the start of this year, Santa was worried that he couldn't make enough presents no matter how fast he hurried.

So he sat in his chair, staring up at the sky with his elves beside him and tears in his eyes.

"Even with Rudolph, his nose glowing red, and my elves busy building a much faster sled, there's no way," Santa said, "to have Christmas this year without getting more help!" He shuddered with fear.

"We have too many orders for good girls and boys who deserve to have Christmas with shiny new toys. But with so many orders," Santa fell back in his chair, "I need someone to help me...I need...Yogi Bear!"

"I'll give Yogi a call," Santa started to smile. "Now where is his number?" He reached for his file. "Here it is, Jellystone Park in Eureka, Missouri. I'll call Yogi right now and I'll ask him to hurry."

"We still have a chance!" Santa shouted with glee, "If Yogi and his friends will agree to help me." So he reached for the phone and dialed Jellystone Park. It was late in the evening and long after dark.

"Please answer Yogi. You've just got to be there!" And then finally he heard, "Hey, Hey, Hey...Yogi Bear." "Yogi!" Santa shouted, "I need your help this year." "Go no further, Santa, Sir," Yogi said, "there's nothing to fear."

"I'll have my friends ready with hammer and glue. I'll call Cindy, Ranger Smith, and my buddy Boo Boo. We won't let the kids down! We'll start right away. And just like your elves, we will work night and day."

"I know all of the kids have tried hard to be good, so count on us," Yogi said, as he began cutting wood. "This will be the best Christmas ever. You just wait and see. Don't worry, Santa Sir - leave everything to me."

Then Santa asked Yogi, "If we use your park, could you light it up some, so it won't be so dark?" "Hey, hey, hey..." Yogi replied, after he thought for awhile. "We'll string Christmas lights everywhere. You'll see them for miles!" Santa replied, "We'll decorate the park and let families drive through. They can see where we live and the work that we do, from building big toys to tiny shoe laces. We'll bring joy to the families and smiles to their faces."

"Yes, we'll open the doors and let people come to see Jellystone Park and Santa's Magical Kingdom! But just one thing, Santa Sir, before you go, could you bring me one large pic-a-nic basket - 'cause I get hungry, ya know!"

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